Haley Kuntz is an RYT-500 level yoga teacher, natural health practitioner, master herbalist, Reiki Master, and is certified craniosacral specialist (level 1).  She is a pioneering yogini who has led the first-ever yoga retreats to the remote Kalalau Valley, one of the most beautiful places in the world.  Haley leads personalized health and wellness consultations that incorporate multiple modalities including herbs, food, mindfulness and relaxation practices and yoga.


Haley received her degree in Marine Biology and Oceanography from Hawaii Pacific University.  She completed a semester at Sea Education Association through the Woods Hole Institute, which included 6 weeks sailing on a tall ship, conducting research and traveling by the stars.


She completed her 200 hour training from the Sivananda Hatha Yoga tradition in Neyyar Dam, Kerala in South India in 2011 and her advanced training with Sivananda in the Bahamas.  She practices in the Vajrayana Buddhist tradition and studies with the Venerable Khentrul Lodro Thaye Rinpoche.  Haley lives “off the grid” and lives the yoga lifestyle in Hanalei Bay, Kauai.






Noni Liquid Lotion

Noni is an ancient medicinal plant. For thousands of years it has been used by healers for a variety of issues.  Today we can use this Noni Liquid Lotion anywhere, anytime. $15 for a 2 oz bottle, perfect as a carry on.

Noni Health Benefits

Research from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has found hundreds of beneficial chemical constituents in Noni!  Listed here are a few benefits for use.


ANTI-AGAING: prevents appearance of getting older

ANTI-ARTHRITIC: effective for arthritis

ANTI-BACTERIAL: active against bacteria

ANTI- CANCER: method to prevent cancer

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: reduces inflammation

ANTI-OXIDANT: prevents cell damage

ANTI-TUMOR: inhibits growth of tumors

ANTI-VIRAL: helps eliminate viral infections

IMMUNOSTIMULANT: activates the immune system

INSECTIFUGE: repels but does not kill insects


ENJOY THIS FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH for healthy skin! Spray away the pain or discomfort! Use as a natural sun block! Use as a natural bug repellent! Use during a massage! Help the face and skin feel soft. Enjoy this all purpose spray while traveling.

15$/ 2 oz bottle

Healing Wa`a (Canoe Travel Kit)

Stay healthy on the go with this travel pack! All organic, gmo-free, vegan & gluten free. Made in Kaua`i.  This kit includes:  Noni Liquid Lotion 2 oz bottle, Olena (tumeric), Lawae (fern), and alaea salt.

Tumeric:Besides a canoe plant of ancient Hawaii, both TCM and Ayurveda treated issues, and now research confirms a vast array of other medicinal properties of this food/medicine used for over 4,000 years. Found to:

Anti-inflammatory, eases stomach pain, antioxidant, antibacterial, pain, sprains, bruises, nausea, motion sickness & much more


Lauae: This fern is well known in Hawaiian medicine and also Europe and Asia.  This rhizome or root is great for:

Respiratory system issues, relief of congestion, bronchitis, dry irritable coughs & more


Alaea Salt: Alaea salt would be used to bless the canoe, and used to cleanse and purify. It is full of trace minerals, and tastes delicious!

$4o travel kit

Sunrise Beverage

REJUVENATION: Awake and enjoy this healthy beverage in the morning with the sunrise. Feel more fresh and alive inside and out. The health benefits of noni leaf in this drink include: anti-aging, antioxidants, vitamin D, anti-inflammatory, antiviral & more! Nourish every cell in your body with each drink.

$5 / 12 oz bottle


Sunset Beverage

BALANCE: Expand your breathing and clear your airways free of mucus. The healing beverage benefits include: respiratory relief, asthma, sinus relief, COPD, and soothes the chest.

$5 / 12 oz bottle


Aromatherapy: World’s Only Mokihana Perfume

Essence of ali`is (chief/chieffesses). Mokihana was only worn by royal families of the Pacific, but now you can too!  Adorn yourself with the Polynesian Paradise Perfume.

$50 / bottle

Aromatherapy: Maile Perfume 

Maile lau`li`i can only be found on Kaua`i, and the only one in Polynesia that carries an aroma.

$50 bottle

Did you know that many perfumes and colognes are manufactured using synthetic chemicals, even petroleum?

Our natural botanical perfumes are not.  They are organic and pure.

Spray on pulse points for a lighter natural perfume.

Now you too can enjoy this distinct fragrance of the tropical garden isle.


*I do not practice medicine, nor diagnose, treat, prescribe, administer, heal, or cure using any methods that a licensed doctor does.


The transformation that you will receive by attending any retreat or workshop will enhance your life.  Yoga brings balance to the organs, the movement in your body, your relationships, and how you live your life.  By connecting to nature with yoga, you can tap into your highest nature and live the happiest life possible!  Look good, feel good, and cultivate life-long happiness!  Learn all this in Kauai and bring the wisdom with you wherever you go.


Each workshop is 2 hours for $40.


Exact dates TBA – contact for details


Experience the ancient connection of the world’s oldest language through sound. Feel how the resonance of each word alters your being.


Transform any doubt or fears as you learn to come up to sirshasana, the headstand and other inversions!


Feel relaxed in your own body practicing yoga anywhere. Balance the heaven and earth within and without as we live yoga outdoors.


Vegetarian organic meals never tasted so good with Kauai fresh fruits and vegetable grown locally! Enjoy a sattvic (pure and holy) meal and how to make it at home!


Do you love yoga in nature? Do these photos inspire you to do the same? Impress your friends on Instagram and see incredible places.  Practice yoga in exotic locations CAPTURE THESE PRECIOUS MOMENTS!! Get amazing photos of you or your group doing yoga in your private photoshoot.  This is an exclusive service that others do not offer on Kaua’i.


5 hr yoga and professional photography session $500


Contact to schedule your session.



Kaua`i is a tropical paradise – one of the most beautiful places on the planet.  Nature is abundant here, full of medicinal plants, fresh wild edibles growing, bamboo forests, rivers, ancient stone (pohaku) walls, Kalalau, the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific” (Waimea Canyon), and world-class beaches.  Relax fully with meditation and yoga classes and experiencing the natural beauty of the Garden Isle.  Slow down and embrace the Hawaiian spirit of Aloha.  Enjoy each breath from the ocean to the forest.  The superb scenery will enchant you with valleys and cliffs that rise a mile high out of the Pacific Ocean!  Experience Kaua`i the ancient way, in the peaceful forests, the way Hawaiians once lived on the land (aina).

Kaua`i 10 Day Purium Transformation Retreat July 25-August 3, 2018

Purium Cleanse, Yoga, & Excursions

Join us in paradise for the Purium Superfood Transformation, enjoy Sivananda Hatha yoga, beaches, hikes, and visit sacred sites on the garden isle. Haley provides personalized natural health coaching, yoga and wilderness adventures on the island of Kauai. This transformational retreat is in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

What is Purium?

Ready to experience life at the next level? Let us be your guide to the Purium Lifestyle. Ready to get in shape, lose weight, have more energy or feel better than you ever have before? This retreat allows you to break food addictions, cleanse your body, lose weight, and reset your metabolism. This retreat will transform your eating habits. Purium is 100% fresh, organic and non-gmo and will be enhanced with Kaua`i local organic fruits and veggies from farm to us.

Each day we will have green drinks, amino acids (vegan protein), and in the evening a delicious cherry drink.   There will be plenty of time for relaxation in our private house, shopping, working out or going deeper into your own practice.  We will also go on a kayak adventure amongst the scenic Hanalei Bay (where Puff the Magic Dragon resides).

Additional alternative healing modalities will be offered as well, such as ionic foot detox bath, rife machine, massage, wellness consultations, and tesla sessions.

The retreat includes:

  • Site-specific yoga at scenic locations such as caves, rocks, beaches, forests, waterfalls
  • Exploring spiritual places such as the Kauai Hindu Monastery
  • Beach & hiking excursions
  • Delicious, freshly made vegetarian food with local fish for omnivores
  • Luxurious accommodations in a private house
  • 1 yoga class per day with Haley Kuntz (Sivananda hatha yoga)
  • Health coaching and support as you cleanse & detox
  • Kayak adventure on the north shore


Fee: $3,333 (Includes accommodations, Purium 10 day transformation kit, food, excursions – everything except airfare)

Sign up today – space is limited to 10 participants.


To make your reservation,a non-refundable deposit via PayPal to is required by July 1, 2018.



A sacred & adventurous 5 day yoga retreat designed to help you unplug from your computer and reconnect to experience your true nature.  This is a Labor Day getaway – a refresher for you to enjoy life just a plane hop across the ocean to the garden isle of Kauai!  Learn practices to help you find more inner peace in your mind and ease in your body. This retreat will bring you closer to your true nature, present within always. Embrace the warm sunshine of your heart while feeling the sun rays tickling your skin while practicing yoga on the beach.  Carry the wisdom and healing energy of Kaua`i with you from your Labor Day Getaway.  A real way to enjoy time off from work!


This retreat includes:

  • Site-specific yoga at caves, rocks, beaches, forests and waterfalls
  • Exploring spiritual places such as the Kauai Hindu Monastery
  • Beach & hiking excursions
  • Delicious, freshly made sattvic vegetarian food
  • Luxurious accommodations in a private house
  • Yoga classes and mindfulness meditations led daily by Haley Kuntz (Sivananda hatha yoga)


Fee: $2,222 (Includes everything except airfare)

Sign up today – space is limited to 12 participants.

To make your reservation, sign up via PayPal to by  August 19, 2018.


Are you interested in blissing out on a retreat, but unable to attend one of the listed retreat dates?  No problem!  Sign up for a personalized retreat to accommodate your wellness goals and your schedule.  Contact and let Haley know when you will be on the island.  Let’s make your dreams come true!  Learn yoga one-on-one, get guidance on meditation (beginners welcome!), and find out what a thriving lifestyle might look like for you.  Pricing is $1995-$2995/week.


Enjoy practicing yoga before your surf session.  This retreat is designed to help strengthen your surf muscles and enjoy the best waves ever!  Surf… yoga…beach…paradise…you let me know when you are ready to enjoy life unlike ever before.






As a Natural Health Practitioner and Master Herbalist, I offer safe, effective, plant-based resources to support your health.  The healing environment of the Garden Isle of Kaua’i can assist you on your path to freedom from disease and bring clarity to aspects of life physically and mentally.  LIVE THE CLEAR LIGHT LIFE!


Living close to the nature is a part of my everyday life. The forest has shared the many healing gifts I am aware of today. Medicine grows at our feet and I feel responsible to share the knowledge of what can help us. Herbs, plants, flowers, and spices grow everywhere, and it is wise to tap into this ancient knowledge.  Life on a remote isolated island has made me aware of the absolute need to be self-reliant regarding my health and the health of others. Fortunately, native healing plants grow abound as well as invasive and medicinal plants! I am bridging the gap between ancient Ayurvedic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Hawaiian La `au Lapa ‘au. Herbs from the West like the Americas and Europe grow here too. It is an honor to grow practically anything and everything on this tiny rock, and help others alleviate their suffering.


I am here to share my mana`o or knowledge on herbal medicine. I am here to serve others and believe that the healthier one is, the happier one is, and therefore supreme peace can be obtained. Seeing others find the answer to their needs all within their own backyard is a liberating experience. I wish to teach people how to grow their own medicine and how to utilize it for their own needs.


I am here to help you prevent disease through education and the promotion of healthy ways of living. I will encourage you toward independence and self-direction by enforcing positive behavior patterns!



1st visit: Initial 90 minute consultation & individual wellness program: $200

2nd visit or follow up consultation: $50

Phone Consultations: $100 per hour


How to Make Healing Herbal Chocolates workshop: $50 per person ($90 for two if you bring a friend or a date!)


Ionic Foot Detox Bath: pulls out toxins, parasites, heavy metals, yeast, mold, fungus, & more from the largest pores in our body, the feet. $30 for 30 mins. $60 for an hour


Tesla Machine: technology that uses frequency to increase blood circulation to enhance the body in helping itself.  $25 session or pay for 5 sessions for $100


Herbal Home Exploration: a personal guided consultation at your house in your backyard to identify plant medicine growing wild or cultivated, how to make home remedies, and juice it! $125 for 2 hours. $50 each additional hour (limited to Kaua`i residents)


Herbal Hawaiian Hikes: a guided hike with an herbalist to identify and collect wild edibles and herbs.  $100 per hike (2 hours) for up to 3 people; $50 per additional hiker.


CLASS SCHEDULE: Tuesday and Thursday, 8:00-9:30 am

WHERE I TEACH: Hanalei Bay

ADDRESS: Ama Ama St, Hanalei, HI 96714


CLASS COST: $10-20 by donation


Classes are by appointment – call 808-346-8380 to sign up in advance (up until 1 hour before class). Schedule changes often due to weather so be sure to call!

Private classes at hotels, offices and other locations are available by request. Email for reservations.



A classical form of hatha yoga where the focus is on preserving the health and wellness of the practitioner. Sivananda yoga aims to retain the vitality of the body, and decrease disease by using simple and natural cultivation.  This includes:

Proper exercise: Asanas

Proper breathing: Pranayama

Proper relaxation: Savasana

Proper diet: Vegetarian

Proper thinking: Meditation and a positive attitude


Each class includes prayer, relaxation, pranayama, leg warm ups, sun salutations, and asanas.  Classes are usually 1-2 hours.


Kalalau valley is a sacred remote isolated place 11 miles from any town. Once you hike in or arrive by water, you instantly feel you truly have ARRIVED. Where have you arrived? Easily the most beautiful and magical place on the planet.  Getting here could be a rewarding challenge in itself.  The trail is along the side of a cliff, going up and down, in valleys and across rivers.  For a beginner it takes 8 plus hours or two days, and has been considered one of the most dangerous hikes on earth.


For a long term resident like me, it takes about 5 hours barefoot walking joyfully along the scenic trail.  I carry superfoods to fuel me, and drink the fresh pure spring water as I go.  From the start of the trail, the forest is wet, muddy, and full of tourists. The breathtaking views of the Na Pali coast inspire you to keep going further.  Once you get to the first river crossing 2 miles in, Hanakapi`ai, as long as you are able to safely cross, the tourists get left behind.  Only the real adventurers, yogis, and hard core travelers keep on going.


After a nice dip in the fresh river, or a swim catching wave session, it is time to move on up. The next mile is up and traversing the side of a mountain.  Once you make it to the end of this mile, you are at Space Rock. This is the steepest vertical drop into the ocean. It is incredibly beautiful, and a lovely place for a snack and just to breathe deeply. Pranayama here will make you feel like you are flying, like a real dakini… a sky dancer.  The view to the right is towards Ke`e where the trail begins, and to the left, what is still to come.


Leaving Space rock, or the 3 mile point, you head down into the next valley.  It is full of native plants that are rare.  The ancient trail continues to guide you deeper and deeper into the depths of the ancient forest of the Na Pali Coast.  Then comes Wai`ahu`akua, The Cape of the Gods, or the 5 mile point.  There are rock terraces, timeless walls as far as you can see, going up into the valley, and all the way down.  Springs and a lovely river bless you in here. If you time it right, the native mountain apples may be flowering.  Instead of just black rock or pohaku walls, the hot pink petals of the tree fall off and create a hot pink terrain.  This valley with its forest of mountain apples creates a natural pink phenomena unlike any other.  Your eyes experience a major contrast of tropical greens all day, and then WHAM, hot pink in your face.


After receiving magical blessings, it is time to continue walking, chanting, and using your mala. Half way there, at Hanakoa Valley, 6 miles in, things start to change…


Phone: 808-346-8380


Let’s talk about how you can live to your highest potential!

Let’s talk about how you can live to your highest potential!

If you would like to setup an appointment send me a message and I will respond back to you shortly!